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Is your family feeling disconnected? Are you in need for some support in creating more calm at home? Do you need to find some tools and strategies to help your children build resilience?

I work with families using mindfulness practices, creative arts and TRE® to help with challenges and conflicts in the family unit.

We can work together to help with situations that occur. Such as sibling rivalry, confidence building, communication techniques, ideas for routines and schedules in the home and strategies to help to build resilience for everyday living.

Learning mindfulness techniques and TRE® alongside your child can be a unique and bonding way to support both you and your child. As we know our children have been through a lot of change this last year living with Covid, pressures from school, relationships with their peers and siblings and all these situations can take its toll emotionally and physically on us.

It is so important for our children to find ways to express their emotions but also have ways to release their stress. Younger children respond very well to the TRE® process, as it is physical and “no-talking” approach. One that helps with release of stress and tension and done in a safe and relaxed environment. It also is probably the most powerful tool for guiding your children to be able to cope with stress and trauma so they do not carry it into their adult life. As my daughter describes TRE® “Mummy it’s so funny how my body moves and shakes but afterwards how calm and relaxed I feel!” This really is an excellent way to describe it.

Emma’s natural and honest approach combined with her calm nature allowed Tessa (12yrs) and Lily (10yrs) to immediately feel very comfortable and relaxed. They were able to trust Emma to guide them through an unfamiliar experience with some fun and giggles along the way. Lily said she felt very calm during the exercises and she enjoyed it when her legs had the wobbles. At the end of the set of exercises both girls said they felt calm, tired and a little bit energised. It was a very positive experience for Tessa and Lily, thank you Emma.

Nina Bastin (Teacher, Peak School, Hong Kong)

TRE® with children and ADHD – watch video

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