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Would you like to feel more energised, calm and more resilient? Are you in need for some support in creating more balance in your life? Would you like to learn techniques to release tension and stress? Then please read on.

I work with all individuals ranging from the ages of 6 to adults. If you’re experiencing feelings of stress and looking for suitable ways to help with situations of everyday life, then please get in touch. Together we will look at strategies such as TRE and breathwork to help you manage more effectively and feel happier and connected.

My TRE session was fantastic. I wasn’t sure what to expect but the instructor, Emma, was very informative. She walked us through the background of TRE and what would happen in the session, right down to showing us how to control the stress release if we felt uncomfortable at any point. The exercise was really effective, afterwards I felt truly relaxed and calm, and had a great sleep that night. It definitely released whatever unknown tension I was holding onto. My experience was so good that I had my husband and eldest child try it as well.

Angela Loundes, Pokfulam, HK

Emma, the owner of Creative Calm has brought an amazing technique to Hong Kong – she is almost magic in her ability. I will fully admit I was sceptical about how the process would work. Once session later I was converted – an amazing way to release stress and tension and have a fabulous night sleep afterwards. This is great for adults and children too!

Alexandra Dickson Leach, CEO Bloom & Grow

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