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For Schools and their Teachers

Are your teachers feeling overwhelmed? Have the effects of the last year and teaching online taken its toll on their mental health? Or has the added stress affected their teaching and confidence in their own abilities? Have you noticed any negative impacts on their performance or morale?

As teachers, we automatically care for everyone first before looking at our own needs. The stress and anxiety levels teachers and school staff experience daily are constant, especially during the last year with the impact of COVID. We need to remember how important it is to ensure that those looking after our children are also looking after themselves. We need to make sure that School Wellness includes not only students and families but the staff as well. 

If you would like to introduce TRE®  to your staff, please click here to find out more. I will use TRE® and breathwork in the workshops and hope to introduce you to a fantastic practice that you can take and use in your everyday lives.

For Students and Parents

We all know the importance of offering emotional support to our school community. Many families are also eager for opportunities to learn more about how they can support their children. We see the benefits of teaching children tools that help manage stress in their lives. To give them the tools to use as they grow and navigate the world, they live in.

TRE® is a valuable practice when working with children who experience stress but also for all children to be able to manage their stress. It works well because it is a physical and no talking approach and when done with the support or involvement of their parents, we see a tool that connects them together.

I have seen how children respond so positively to TRE® as the neurogenic tremors are a natural mechanism that we all can activate. The sensations of the tremors relax the body allowing our muscles to relax and then regulate our nervous system. Then the positive affects help with emotional resilience, better sleep and a general feeling of calm.

If you feel this type of practice could be beneficial for families in your school too, I am able to offer initial parent workshops and follow up parent/children sessions too.

TRE was really fun, relaxing and calming. I would definitely do it again.

Poppy, Peak School, Year 6

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