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Individual Sessions

Give TRE a go and learn how to release tension stored in your body. Learning TRE will give you a stress management practice that will release tension and improve your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. See how your body can help heal you in all areas of our well-being and in turn gain a more grounded and emotional balance in your life.

I have two options for you. Either come for a 1:1 session or choose a package of 4 sessions (the 4th is free) which will give you the opportunity to see the real effect of TRE and how it can help you. Of course, both options come with my full attention and care to ensure you get the best experience of TRE and leave with a tool that you can help you feel more resilient and independent in your wellness journey.


Pair Sessions

I offer pair sessions where you can join a session with your partner, friend, or colleague. Doing TRE together has a wonderful impact in the sense you feel off each other’s energies and connection and learning and practising together will increase your healing process. More than anything is fun to share an experience with someone else and then be able to share after the sessions.

The two options for this are a one-off session together or a pair package of 4 session with one free.


Group Sessions

I offer small group sessions of 3 or more. A group can include friends, family, or work colleagues. This is a wonderful way to enjoy a session as a team and to learn a tool that will help in your relationships in all these areas. The support you feel and give each other is a fantastic experience and really will aid in how you work together at home or at work.

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