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I love discovering new healing modalities and was very interested when I heard about TRE. Thinking I would go for one session I ended up doing a full course with Emma. I loved it, found it fascinating and walked away after every session feeling like my body was thanking me for giving it proper attention, through a completely different approach. I have since recommended clients to visit Creative Calm as Emma offers a really comfortable and uplifting way to navigate any trauma or tension you may have consciously or unconsciously held onto. Thank you Emma, so grateful. x

Torty Hutton, Crystal Garden, UK

With no prior knowledge of TRE, I went for a consultation and first session with Emma. She was brilliant at clearly explaining TRE, how she came to discover it, how it has helped in her life and the benefits of the exercises and beyond. I felt very relaxed and at ease with Emma, and she has a wonderfully calm aura, which made me feel very secure and able to share feelings and thoughts with her in confidence. The whole experience was totally remarkable and unlike anything I have ever done before! After the full session, during which I could not believe the tremors that took over my entire body, I left feeling lighter, and very buoyant, yet also very grounded and balanced. Everyone should try a session with Emma – she is amazing!

Camilla Balmer

I love TRE sessions with Emma! I have been fortunate to work with her both in a one-on-one session, and in a small group. Emma has a magic about her and guided me through the TRE process seamlessly. During both times, she made me feel relaxed, comfortable and safe. The results afterwards made me feel more present, mindful and much more calm (much needed in the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong life!) She has a real gift, and I look forward to attending more sessions.

Francesca, (Teacher) Hong Kong

Emma is one of the kindest most gentle people I have every worked with, she is warm and genuine. I never felt worried or scared she put me at ease and made me feel safe. The TRE process was very empowering, it was an incredible experience seeing what your body could do without instruction. The calm and supportive way Emma ran the session helped me feel and ease and let my body do what it needed to. After the session I had an amazing nights’ sleep, I felt lifted and lighter. I have told many friends about the process and I hope that they are able to meet with Emma soon. I would like to do the TRE sessions regularly as I feel they really make a different to my mood and general well-being.

Katie Saunter: Vice Principal, Hong Lok Yuen International School, Hong Kong

I slept really well after my first TRE session. I found shaking was hugely beneficial in terms of releasing all the tension and tight muscles in my pelvis. It was also an effective way to de-stress myself! I’d definitely recommend TRE to my family and friends.

Karen Tam, Proway: Associate Director, Real Estate Division

I was a little unsure as to what to expect when I turned up for my first TRE session with Emma, but I needn’t have worried as Emma immediately reassured us with a clear and personalized introduction and guided us through each step of the process at our own pace and in our own way. Emma’s calm, clear and understanding manner got us through the initial self-consciousness and gained our trust while at the same time she emphasized that although the feelings and shaking may seem a little strange we could always stop it if we wanted to. I found the whole process fascinating and felt a sense of calm and deep relaxation after the session that I have not felt in a long time. Having initially been a little sceptical I am now looking forward to my next session.

Stuart Woollford (Director of Group Brand – AIA)

An hour spent with Emma doing TRE is one you won’t regret! She’s a calming presence and takes time to explain the process and what will happen so as your body fully relaxes, and you experience the tension release through your legs shaking you are completely in control. It’s quite something to find a way to manage and release the tension we carry in our bodies. I had one of the night’s sleep in a long time following our session together!

Jennifer Woollford, (Founder & Director of NEON Leaders)

TRE was really fun, relaxing and calming. I would definitely do it again.

Poppy, Peak School, Year 6

I liked how we got to share our feelings and how we react to things, and talk about better ways to express those feelings. For example when you’re mad you might scream or shout but a better way to do that could be to talk about what you don’t like. I also liked learning about what can help you to keep calm.

Matilda Woollford, Peak School, Year 4

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