My TRE® journey

My TRE® journey has been an amazing one. It started at Chai Talay retreat in Koh Samui, initially to get back into physical fitness after having my three daughters. What I hadn’t realised with all the time taken with being a mother and a wife, was how vital it was to address my own emotional and mental well-being too. Finding a great teacher and learning meditation, breathwork and TRE® was exactly what I needed.

Both self and general awareness are key in TRE® and through this my life has changed significantly for the better. It has helped me physically, emotionally and spiritually and more importantly has given back a sense of “me” and I am loving the benefits it brings to clients I am already working with. To see pain reduced, increased sleep or just them being more present and aware of their own lives and what strategies we can use to help in our daily lives is a great reward for me. I really look forward to working with others and teaching them the magic of TRE, a maintenance practice that truly works in more ways than one.


What is TRE® ?

Tension & Trauma Release Exercises (or TRE®) is a simple yet innovative series of exercises that help the body in releasing deep patterns of stress, tension and trauma.

Created by Dr. David Berceli, PhD, TRE® safely activates a natural reflex mechanism of shaking or vibrating that releases muscular tension in the body and in turn calms down the nervous system.

The aim of TRE® is to allow your body to let go in a safe environment and allow the tremors to heal your body from challenging times and experiences. It is a very simple process and once learnt is something you can use as a maintenance practice to manage your stress and return yourself to balance.

Read interview with David here.

How did it start?

Dr. David Berceli’s own journey took him to war torn countries such as Africa and the Middle East. When working with traumatized communities he witnessed people’s reactions of fear in a bomb shelter. He saw out of distress people’s patterns of shaking in their bodies. He saw how children shook but some adults didn’t in fear of worrying or upsetting their children. What was noticeable was the difference in time at how the children recovered to the adults.  

His observation, research and practice led him to reailse that this natural shaking response is a helpful process rather than it being a negative expression of fear that everyone thinks. It is the body’s own built-in system for calming down the brain and releasing tension and healing our bodies. It is also like animals in the wild as Dr Berceli describes below.

“Animals that live in their natural habitats often encounter trauma. Once the initial fight, flight, or freeze reaction is over, how do they process the trauma? If a gazelle is attacked by a lion but manages to escape, its entire body will shiver for a while. This trembling is a way of shaking out the excess charge. After the adrenaline has been released, the gazelle returns to the herd, drinking water from the pond as though nothing has happened” – Dr. David Berceli

Who can benefit from TRE®?

TRE® is for everyone, it is free as it is your own body’s way of helping manage and release stress in your body. Once you have learnt and safely working with a provider a few times you will be able to use this in your day to day living on your own.  Dr David Berceli acknowledges the greatness of this concept. “TRE® creates a shaking mechanism in the body that is yours, your own bodies free way of helping you manage, and release stress and tension stored in your body. 

Due to societal pressures we have all conformed to the mentality of “grin and bear it” and “don’t cry and just get on with things. This learnt behaviour of pretending we are always ok has a detrimental effect on our bodies and this natural shaking mechanism that we can activate is a beneficial and incredible way of connection our body and minds again to a state of balance and equilibrium

Can children try TRE®?

Yes, they can. When working with children I recommend TRE® from the age of 5. What better way of introducing tools for them to manage their worries and stresses of their worlds. 

Children I have worked with report the shaking as funny but relaxing. I especially belief that this allows children to release their tension without saying too much. We know children can find it hard to express or explain their emotions and feelings, so this is a perfect way in a safe and controlled environment to help them discharge their worries. I would always do a TRE® session with their parents first, so they understand the process. With the younger children parents would be nearby so they feel safe and supported. The sessions will always be fun and include music, games, stories and TRE® at the end.

How does TRE®
benefit us?

TRE® is a fantastic self-help tool and when learnt can be used independently to help with the stressors of day to day living. It is helpful in letting go of emotions from mild upset to more serious anxiety. This could be caused from relationship conflicts, work/school stress, worry, trauma from accident and physical stress on our bodies from exercise and sport. People report and notice a deep relaxation sensation from the process and in time has many benefits including:

  • Stress relief
  • Pain relief
  • Relaxation
  • Increased energy
  • Better sleep
  • Aides in better digestion
  • Helps in building greater emotional resilience
  • Less stress at work
  • Less conflicts in Relationships in your life
  • Increased flexibility and healing of past injuries


What does TRE® do for the nervous system?

TRE® is a down regulation mechanism built into the nervous system, so when you get to charge your body it knows how to discharge and relax it. TRE® calms down the nervous system by resolving the pains you have because it follows the fascia and muscle tissue. Steve Haines a leading TRE® provider likens the nervous system to a guard dog that’s on alert to protect us.

“You can’t talk the dog into calming down using logic, but you can soothe it and retrain it over time, so it doesn’t overreact” 

The tremors move through your body and release what is tight. It helps us highlight what your body is doing internally and makes us aware of pain we have become used to. We can begin to release that tension too.

With TRE® we’re soothing the nervous system, using a natural body response, rather than using psychology or medication” Steve Haines  

Where can I try TRE®?

You can see me at the office at Wincombe Business Centre, online on zoom, in a pair with your partner or friend, or in small groups at various settings.

What does a TRE® session look like?

The benefit of a TRE® session is that it can be held individually or in groups. The provider will give a history and overview of the process and will show you and guide you through exercises to fatigue your muscles from your ankles to your psoas muscle. You will lie on a yoga mat and through various exercises and positioning of the legs, feet and knees you will start to feel the tremors start. The key is to know with a provider by your side that you are safe and can stop this process at any time. To do this you easily put your legs out straight and tense your body and then relax.

It is important for you to feel comfortable when practicing TRE® so I recommend you wear similar clothing that you may for exercising. If you have your own yoga mat then please bring it, otherwise I will always have one available for you to use. A very important reminder is bringing a bottle of water with you for the session.

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